Titanium iPhone 15 Pro: Does It Need a Protective Case?

6 min readDec 21, 2023

This year, you get your hands on the sweet titanium iPhone 15 Pro. This thing is gorgeous and, yeah, it costs a pretty penny. You love how slim and sleek it is, and you’re tempted to leave it naked.

But then, the worry creeps in. What if it gets scratched or dinged up? Should you slap a case on it to keep it looking flawless?

Benefits of Titanium iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is crafted from Grade 5 titanium, a material known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. This material is widely used in many industries, including aerospace, racing, and manufacturing. The introduction of this amazing material into the new iPhone 15 makes your device not just strong but also light.

In comparison to its stainless steel predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro (weighing 206g), the new iPhone 15 Pro made with titanium weighs only 187g, which is 19g less in weight. These numerical differences may not hold much significance to you. But when you get your hands on the titanium version, you’ll feel how much lighter and slimmer it is — no more achy wrists from holding your phone for too long.

Aside from being lightweight, the luxurious titanium frame also adds aesthetics to the iPhone 15 Pro. It perfectly complements the smooth back glass and screen, creating a visually stunning device. It’s like holding a piece of art in your hands that not only looks good but feels amazing to touch as well.

Drawbacks of Titanium iPhone 15 Pro

The titanium iPhone 15 is undeniably stunning. But here’s the thing — many users have noticed that the areas around the buttons can become discolored over time with frequent use. Also, these phones easily attract fingerprints, which can be unsightly and affect the overall appearance of this valuable device.

Additionally, titanium is not impervious to scratches. Despite its reputation as a sturdy material, regular use of the iPhone 15 Pro can still result in visible scratches on the surface. This can be frustrating for those who expect their mobile devices to remain flawless for as long as possible.

Most importantly, the titanium iPhone 15 Pro’s drop protection is not as we expected. After this shiny phone hit the market, many users tested the new phone by dropping it to compare it with the previous model, the iPhone 14 Pro.

From these tests, we see the iPhone 14 came out with some superficial scratches and remained functional, while the iPhone 15 Pro didn’t perform as well as we expected. Why? Even though the titanium frame is strong, it is also pretty rigid and doesn’t absorb shocks very well. So, if you accidentally drop your titanium iPhone 15 Pro, that shockwave ends up damaging the other parts of the phone.

So what can you do to protect your expensive titanium iPhone 15 Pro from scratches, drops, and smudges? The answer is simple: You need a case, but not just any case. You need a case specially designed for the titanium iPhone 15 Pro, the one that offers both style and protection.

Protective iPhone 15 Pro Case

PITAKA’s MagEZ Case Pro 4, shockproof and stylish, is not only designed to protect your titanium iPhone 15 Pro, but it also adds an extra touch of elegance to your everyday life. Made with a seamless integration of aramid fiber and TPU, the iPhone 15 Pro case offers extraordinary protection against potential shocks.
From the soft nappa leather lining that cushions your phone’s back to the raised camera lips that shield your lens from unsightly scratches, this iPhone 15 Pro case has you covered. Worried about accidental drops? Fear not! The subtle screen lip ensures your phone’s screen remains unscathed even in the face of gravity-defying tumbles. And the metal button covers help keep your phone buttons lasting long and new.

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro case has passed a military-grade drop test, meaning you can trust them to withstand the toughest of challenges. Despite their incredible protective features, the case is astonishingly slim, measuring just 1.65mm thin and weighing a mere 32g, much thinner and lighter than those protective cases on the market.

Embedded with powerful MagSafe magnets, the protective iPhone 15 Pro case enables full MagSafe compatibility without removing the case. You can effortlessly snap your titanium iPhone 15 Pro onto a MagSafe car mount or a wireless charger to enjoy stable wireless charging. For on-the-go portability, simply attach your favorite MagSafe accessories like a MagSafe wallet or a phone grip to the case.

But the protective iPhone 15 Pro case is not just about functionality; it offers exceptional grip too. With its 3D textured surface, you’ll feel confident holding your iPhone, reducing the chances of accidental slips or drops. The chamfered edges not only add to the overall aesthetics but also provide a comfortable feel in your hand.

Thin yet Strong iPhone 15 Pro Case

If you are looking for a case that maintains the sleekness of your titanium iPhone 15 Pro, look no further than PITKA’s MagEZ Case 4!
Crafted from high-quality aramid fiber, the iPhone 15 Pro Case offers incredible strength that will withstand daily wear and tear. Not only is it strong, but rest assured that this case will not discolor over time. At a mere 0.95mm thick and weighing just 18 grams, this case adds minimal bulk to your titanium iPhone 15 Pro, maintaining the sleek and slim profile you love.

Despite its minimalist design, the MagEZ Case 4 shares some features with the shockproof MagEZ Case Pro 4, including full MagSafe compatibility, raised camera lips, 3D textured grip, and chamfered edges. Additionally, every port of the thin iPhone 15 Pro case is precisely cut to provide easy access to all functions.

Thinnest yet Robust iPhone 15 Pro Case

Want an even lighter and thinner case for your titanium iPhone 15? PITAKA offers another option. Using our groundbreaking Amber Magnet Film™ technology, we managed to make the MagEZ Case 5, the lightest and thinnest iPhone 15 Pro case ever! At just 0.75mm thick and a mere 13g, it perfectly complements the sleek titanium design of your iPhone 15 Pro.

Another highlight of this thinnest iPhone 15 Pro case is the visible MagSafe ring which you can not feel, just like amber. The glue-free process makes the magnets stay secure without collapsing or scratching the back of your precious device.

You may wonder if the MagEZ Case 5 has any compromise on functionality or protection due to reduced thickness and weight. Worry not! This thinnest iPhone 15 Pro case is built from the same material and meticulously designed with similar details as its predecessor MagEZ Case 4, rest assured that there is no sacrifice on protection or functionality.


While the titanium iPhone 15 Pro offers several benefits, it is not exempt from potential damage. Scratches, lack of drop protection, and smudges are valid concerns. To safeguard your precious investment and maintain the device’s pristine appearance, it is essential to invest in a case. Whether you value a slim or shockproof case for your titanium iPhone 15 Pro, PITAKA can be your ideal choice.

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