The Naked Truth: Does Your iPad Really Need a Case?

Is an iPad Durable Enough?

iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro all have aluminum backs.

Who Needs a Case for the iPad?

Everyone has different needs but to help you decide if a protective case is for you, here are some general rules you can follow:

What Kind of iPad Case Should You Pick?

There are various cases available for the iPad, depending on the size and model you own. Thicker cases usually offer more protection, while thinner cases tend to be easier to carry. In the end, your choice in case probably depends on how you will use the iPad.

Magic Keyboard Compatible Case for iPad Pro 2018 & 2020 and iPad Air 2020

Apple’s Magic Keyboard allows an iPad Pro or iPad Air to work like a computer. It protects the tablet to a certain extent, but a case is still necessary, as discussed in this article. It’s more of a challenge to pick a case for your iPad Pro 2018 & 2020 and iPad Air 4 than older models, as you will want a case that’s also compatible with the Magic Keyboard.



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