Reimagine Bags for iPad with Magic Keyboard

Identifying Problems in Life

One of our design concepts is always staying one step ahead of our customers. In plain words, we should identify problems people tend to ignore or don’t realize and regard them as problems because no one has ever pointed that out.

Not Just Any Minimalist iPad Carry Bag

The bag has to be light and slim. Is that all?

Details Make the Design

1. Magnetic handles

2. A magnetic camera pad

3. Carbitex CX6 ® carbon fiber

4. The accordion pocket

Have you ever noticed that some pockets bulge even when there’s nothing inside? That’s an accordion pocket, a pocket type that expands, similarly to a bellows. It’s designed that way to store up as much stuff as possible. But its expanding doesn’t make the bag look good.

5. The anti-slip silicone pad

6. Matt and water-proof leather

Polycarbonate sheets were wrapped in matt and water-proof leather with a fine texture to make the product look sleek. And you don’t need to worry about spilling a drink or walking through the rain with the bag.

7. The orange element

Let the Work Flow

The FlipBook Case for iPad is designed for Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 2018, 2020, 2021 and iPad Air 4th-gen and comes in black and white to go with your black or white Magic Keyboard.



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