Protection Just Isn’t Enough: The Modern Role of the Phone Cases

After Samsung unveiled the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, reviews and unboxing videos came quickly after. Many reviewers have discussed the key features, such as the large display, sharp camera, and a more responsive S Pen. Among these highlights, is Gorilla Glass Victus. The Note 20 Ultra is the first phone to offer the upgraded version of the well-known Gorilla Glass on both the front and back of the phone, providing a drop resistance of up to 2 meters.

Even though Gorilla Glass Victus has impressive credentials, it’s unlikely we’ll be bidding farewell to phone cases any time soon. With the development of more durable smartphones, we’ll discuss why many will continue to purchase phone cases even if it isn’t to protect their phone.

Why was the First Phone Case Invented?

When mobile phones were purely for making phone calls and texting, phone cases had little use. You may remember the indestructible Nokia 3310, rumored to be so rugged it once stopped a bullet from killing a man. Why bother with an extra layer to protect an already ‘bullet-proof’ phone?

Then the iPhone arrived. A big touch screen replaced tiny buttons and the display, offering us more than just Snake and a calculator. Of course, larger screens also meant there’d be more to damage and scratch, and that’s when protective phone cases began to emerge.

Are Smartphones Strong Enough?

Smartphone manufacturers are not relying solely on phone cases to protect their phones. Before the iPhone launched, Steve Jobs foresaw the problem and searched for a scratch-free and durable glass. Decades later, Gorilla Glass developed the most robust glass in the world, able to survive drops of up to 2 meters.

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If Gorilla Glass Victus is the way forward for smartphones, doesn’t this make phone cases redundant?

The answer is NO.

Are Phone Cases just for Protection?

My colleague Kristine, 25, who changed her phone case from time to time, told me that she bought a few pretty cases so she could swap now and then, just like changing her look.

I bet she’s not alone. Many people selected the case they currently used for various reasons.

Phone Cases Are No Longer Just For Protection

A Handy Comfort

Modern phones have a striking look, but meanwhile you can feel that they are slipping away from your hands, especially when you have sweaty hands. The main culprit is the material — glass. Not just the front screen, the back is also made of glass. Just years ago, phone makers preferred metals to make the back of the phone. Why changed to glass? It has something to do with wireless charging. Wireless charging has become one of the indispensable features of modern smartphones, and glass has the ability to allow the transmission of wireless signals. Glass is necessary tough it doesn’t provide the most comfortable feel.

How to make the phone comfortable to hold? Encasing a phone not only protects it from dropping but also gives you a good grip, making you want to hold your phone all the time. And yet, some phone cases provide a better grip than others. For example, sandstone cases have this matte finish that offers a rough surface; and aramid fiber cases provide the 3D grip, making the case smooth but not slippery.

A Wallet or A Card Holder

We go everywhere with our phones. But phones are not almighty pockets. Sometimes we may need to carry a credit card, some notes and keys. So why not put all those small items together with the phone in one big pocket?

“Wherever there is demand, supply will follow.” There are phone cases that can work as wallets or card holders. Some wallet-like phone cases even wrap the front and back of your phone, while housing multiple cards and notes like a real wallet. While these phone cases are practical, they’re often bulky.

A Fashion Statement

Phones are so important that they are literally the most visible item on us. You can imagine that everywhere you go, your phone will be noticeable, just like your dress or earrings. In that sense, whatever you put on the phone becomes a very personal item. Thus, phone cases become a new battlefield in fashion.

Many phone case makers realize how desperately people want to look good and try to attract them by putting various eye-catching designs on the small rectangle case. Some even add value to the case by dint of diamonds. The market for fashion phone cases is vast. Even renowned fashion houses such as LV, Dior, and Gucci have joined the competition.

Jeremy Scott, an American fashion designer who dressed Katy Perry, created iPhone cases at an average price of $95 “for everyone to own a bit of what he does.” For Scott, the phone case is the new lipstick.

And Kristine can’t agree more.

Protection, Fashion, Grip All in One Phone Case?

PITAKA stands out from the crowd by making phone cases from military-grade aramid fiber. Thanks to the unique durable material and vacuum forming process, these aramid fiber cases have a delicate weave and a smooth texture that isn’t slippery.



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