iPad with Wireless Charging: Is It Coming? Do We Need It?

Why Doesn’t the iPad Support Wireless Charging?

To make the iPad capable of wireless charging, first of all, you need to put charging coils inside the tablet. These coils act as receivers to conduct magnetic induction to electricity to charge the device. Given that the iPad has a larger battery than iPhone, assumedly iPad will need larger or more charging coils. Will adding those coils part of the iPad structure affects other performances or the overall design?

Is iPad with Wireless Charging A Good Idea?

Does Apple really have to go through all the trouble to create a wireless charging iPad? Maybe it’s better put this way: do we need a wireless charging iPad? You might think not.

How to Wirelessly Charge Your iPad?

If you wonder what a wireless charging iPad looks like, you can gain a similar experience before its release. As we mentioned earlier, you can buy wireless chargers for iPads. Not only Apple but many people know the advantages of wireless charging and that they would love it on iPads.

PITAKA’s Solution for iPad with Wireless Charging

We do have a plan to make wireless chargers for the next iPad Pro. But when Eason, one of our product managers, played games on the newest iPad mini 6, he realized that charging through a cable when he’s using the device is quite a hassle. So, why not develop a wireless charger for it? We went ahead and designed a special case for the iPad mini 6 together with a MagSafe-like charger and a wireless charging stand, which will be available in about one month.

Final Thoughts

There might be doubts about wireless charging decades ago. But the development of wireless charging on smartphones has shown that wireless charging is safe and convenient. It would be great to have wireless charging on iPads, and reverse wireless charging is possible too, which will make the experience so much better with iPads. Come on, Apple.



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