• Joshua Gane

    Joshua Gane

    I write content for RapTV. On Medium I write about music, politics, human and civil rights, philosophy and personal experiences.

  • Золотухин Кирилл

    Золотухин Кирилл

  • Levi Hart

    Levi Hart

    Reading things that stimulate me, while trying to do the same for others, as I create space for ideas to flourish — Publicly learning and teaching.

  • Sandeep Mittapalli

    Sandeep Mittapalli

  • The Next Tech

    The Next Tech

    Our mission is to make people aware and educate about latest Technology, Programming, Security, AI, Business Ideas, Entertainment, Health, Block Chain, IoT.

  • Sam Chaaya

    Sam Chaaya

    I’m a design researcher keeping a creative, critical eye on the future of Tech!

  • Justin Meyers

    Justin Meyers

    Editor in Chief of Gadget Hacks. Previous Managing Editor of WonderHowTo and Null Byte. Writes about iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, hacking, and word games.

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