Best Real Carbon Fiber Luggage

What’s Great about Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a high-end chemical fiber that’s high-performance, high-modulus, and resistant to high temperature. It has a diameter of about five to ten micrometers and is extremely strong in strength and stiffer than aluminum. Yet, it’s exceptionally lightweight.

1K, 2K, 3K, 6K, 12K Carbon Fiber

You may have heard of 3K or 12K carbon fiber. What does that meaning?

Why Should You Choose Carbon Fiber Luggage?

Carbon fiber was first widely used in the auto and aerospace industry after decades of development. And in recent years, the advanced material has been used more often in creating lifestyle accessories, such as carbon fiber wallets, carbon fiber watch bands, and carbon fiber luggage.

How to Choose A Carbon Fiber Suitcase?

What we look for in a suitcase varies from person to person and by trip.

Carbon Fiber Luggage Suggestion

Globe-Trotter 007 Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber Luggage from Carbon Fiber Gear

Carbon Fiber Gear sells various accessories made from carbon fiber or other composites. For example, their Swiss Luggage carbon fiber suitcase collection has a beautiful appearance crafted from 6K twill weave carbon fiber.

ILATRO Carbon Fiber Carry-on Luggage

TUMI McLaren Carry-on Luggage

MON CARBONE Carbon Fiber Luggage

MON CARBONE has recently released their carbon fiber luggage on Kickstarter, which will be available on their website soon.

TechnoMonster Carbon Luggage

TechnoMonster, an Italian brand, sells a great variety of handmade luxury products made using different luxury materials such as carbon fiber and titanium.

Vladimir Prochazka Weekender Dorcadion Luggage

Ventris Lifestyle La Corsa Series

Ventris Lifestyle invents full carbon fiber luggage. The La Corsa Series includes carry-on luggage, check-in luggage, and wine cases, all with a proprietary handmade V-shape symmetrical carbon fiber motif. The V-shape design is a nice way to help you identify your luggage, even in a sea of carbon fiber luggage.



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