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Tablets are becoming more and more common nowadays. A designer uses it to mark down any ideas that flash through their mind. Parents give it to their children to play games to stop some crying. A colleague student jots down notes in classrooms.

Besides a case to protect the investment, it also makes sense to use a sleeve or bag, as people go anywhere with their big mobile devices.

Of all the tablets, iPad Pro, the most advanced tablet with a floating keyboard pad, is the closest to a laptop. As a result, it’s favored by many people, including us. Today, we’ll share our ideas on some of the best iPad Pro sleeves and bags.

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro

Woolnut leather sleeve for iPad Pro is one of the most minimalist sleeves we’ve ever seen. It’s crafted from soft and protective full-grain leather from Scandinavia, adding a touch of luxury. In addition, the interior is tailored with 100% natural wool to protect your iPad Pro from scratches or drops.

It’s tailored made for a tight fit which helps protect the device too, but, on the other hand, there’s no room left for other things. And different from many other iPad sleeves, the Woolnut iPad Pro bag does not use a single zipper, buckle, or knot. Instead, three sides are looped and locked with threads, while one side is open for you to easily slide the device in and out and charge without taking it out. But that also means you must be careful when carrying the sleeve in case the iPad Pro slips out and drops to the floor.

If you’re looking for a minimalist sleeve that offers basic protection and looks good, this is the one for you.

Harber London Slim iPad Pro EVO Sleeve

Harber London is a brand known for handmade leather goods. Their slim iPad Pro EVO sleeve is crafted from their signature full grain leather with a 100% wool felt lining. Overall, it has a minimal and sleek look.

They provide options if you want to hold both the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard in one sleeve, which is great as many people add the Magic Keyboard to the cart too, when purchasing the iPad Pro.

In addition, there’s a leather loop inside to hold your Apple Pencil, which also, as they claim, can work as a stop to prevent the iPad from falling out. But we’re not sure if that loop and the rolled-up leather can really work as a stand. Even if your iPad can stand, it may gradually fall.

WaterField iPad Pro SleeveCase

Leather iPad sleeves are very common nowadays. But not everyone likes the modern look of shining leather. Some people prefer sleeves with a rugged, grippy exterior or something that has an outdoor or casual vibe. If that’s what you’re after, you would find the WaterField iPad Pro SleeveCase a notable pick.

Their iPad Pro SleeveCase for iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard is crafted from waxed canvas or ballistic nylon. Both materials are durable and lightweight. You can even apply wax to freshen up your canvas bag. How cool that is.

The interior is shock-absorbent neoprene that keeps your iPad protected. And it has a dedicated slot for Apple Pencil, so you don’t have to reach the bottom to find it. In addition, the angled pocket in the back allows for tucking in your small daily items. Finally, if you need extra space for your stuff, you can add their Piggyback onto the SleeveCase.

PITAKA FlipBook Case for iPad

All the iPad sleeves or bags mentioned above have one thing in common: they all require you to take the iPad out when you need to use it, and tuck it in when you go mobile. Isn’t that how a sleeve works? You might wonder. Every iPad sleeve works like that.

But it doesn’t mean that’s the best way to carry your iPad. PITAKA thought there’s a better design, and they came up with the FlipBook Case for iPad, which kind of changes how we carry an iPad Pro.

The FlipBook Case for iPad has a unique design that doesn’t look like any iPad sleeves out there, and it works in a very different way. You stick the Magic Keyboard to the FlipBook Case. Yeah, the iPad alone doesn’t work. You have to use the Apple Magic Keyboard. Once integrated, the Magic Keyboard and the sleeve work as one piece. When you flip open the bag, the Magic Keyboard opens. When the bag closes, everything folds together-no more wasting time packing, zipping, or fastening.

The PITAKA iPad sleeve is built to make mobile work easier and improve your efficiency. On top of that, the sleeve also comes with a pocket on the side for you to carry a few small items when you travel, such as glasses, keys, wallets, etc.

If you want to travel light, carrying your iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and also a few EDC items, the minimalist FlipBook Case for iPad is a perfect choice.

Tomtoc PadFolio Eva Case for iPad Pro

If you tend to pack quite a lot of stuff, especially chargers, cables, hard disks, and alike, you might want to take a look at the Tomtoc iPad Pro case.

It looks bulkier than many other iPad bags because it has much capacity inside. There are eight elastic-band slots to organize your adapters, USB sticks, cables, AirPods and more small accessories. There are even two card slots for your cards and wallets.

The Tomtoc iPad Pro bag is crafted from water-repellent fabric. The EVA hardsell case has been tested to ensure your new iPad and Magic Keyboard will survive drops from four feet. The bag could become quite heavy if you have all those capacity filled. Fortunately, a built-in handle allows it to be used as a briefcase, which makes carrying a bit easier.

Pack & Smooch Portfolio iPad Pro bag

The Pack & Smooch Portfolio iPad Pro bag looks like an envelope. It’s made from 100% merino wool and vegetable tanned leather from Italy, which could be the reason why it’s expensive.

It fits iPad Pro and laptops from 11'’ to 16'’ and features plenty of space for accessories. Furthermore, it has a dedicated Apple Pencil loop, an additional pencil compartment, and a loose felt layer as a separation for your different devices.

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