Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear Ideas for Men | 2022

What are Everyday Carry (EDC) Gears?

If you’re new to EDC gear, you might wonder why you need to “everyday carry” a bunch of stuff? In short, the small, versatile tool and implement allow you to deal with emergencies and complete everyday tasks in a smarter, easier way.

Men’s Everyday Carry Gear Suggestions

1) A Handy and Sharp Knife: Victorinox Cadet

A knife is the most important part of anyone’s everyday carry, because of all the versatility it adds to your life. That’s why it comes first on the list.

2) A Slim Wallet: MagEZ Wallet 2 Pro

3) A Decent and Durable Watch: Depends on Your Personal Style.

A quality watch is imperative for your EDC kit though we might not rely on it to tell us the time, but a decent watch can provide you with more than that.

4) A Functional Multi-tool: Pita!Tag for Multi-tool

Unless you’re a contractor, carrying an entire toolbox everywhere is simply impractical. That’s why so many people consider the multi-tool an essential part of any EDC. There are plenty of multi-tools that feature various gadgets, including mini scissors, a Phillips head screwdriver, a pocket knife, and even a bottle opener.

5) A Key Holder: Pita!Tag for Multi-tool

A key holder can double as a place to hold several additional EDC items, such as a flashlight, mini pry-bar, or anything else you can secure alongside your keys. But that also means the risk of losing all things together.

6) A Lighter: Dissim Inverted Lighter


So, with the above EDC Gear ideas, you might have some ideas for creating your go-to list of EDC items. Regardless of what items you choose, they would definitely help you get out of some troubles and keep your routine without going astray.



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