Behind the Thinnest iPhone 15 Pro Case: MagSafe SlimBoard™ 2.0

4 min readDec 6, 2023

iPhone 15 Pro (and Pro Max) is the first iPhone to feature a titanium chassis, making it about 20g lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, which may not sound much, but you’ll notice the difference the moment you pick up the device.

Indeed, a few grams can make a big difference when it comes to such an important device that we hold all day. Our bags are already heavy and our hands are busy with typing and stuff, so why not get rid of the unnecessary weight if we can?

PITAKA also appreciates the difference thin and light products can make. With a minimalist design approach and applications of innovative materials, PITAKA always presents thin and light products to help people live a lighter lifestyle.

Last year, PITAKA offered the ultra slim iPhone 14 case. This year, we go further.

Behind Thin Minimalist iPhone 15 Cases

Light but Durable Material

We use aerospace-grade aramid fiber ( Kevlar), the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars, to make our cases. Aramid fiber has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any metal — it’s extremely lightweight yet strong. Except for magnets inside, the MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 Pro and other models are made of 100% aramid fiber; even the tiny raised camera lip is crafted out of recycled aramid fiber from production leftovers.

MagSafe SlimBoard™

MagSafe SlimBoard™ technology was developed by PITAKA in 2022 and was applied in making MagEZ Case 3 for the iPhone 14 series and MagEZ Case 4 for the iPhone 15 series. The new technique infuses magnets and composites as a slim board with the help of resins, and the slim board with magnets is compressed with two aramid fiber layers. That way, we could reduce the case’s overall thickness.

At about 1mm thin and weighing 18~22g, MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 is one of the thinnest MagSafe cases. But we did not stop there.

SlimBoard™ 2.0 Makes the Thinnest iPhone 15 Case

We never stopped innovating our technology, and soon after we released the MagEZ Case 4, we had a breakthrough in embedding magnets — SlimBoard™ 2.0 technique. We directly prepregate aramid fibers, glass fibers and magnets, and use soft lamination and vacuum forming technology to create the thinnest and lightest MagSafe iPhone 15 Pro case — MagEZ Case 5.

Thanks to the upgraded technique, the MagEZ Case 5 consists of two layers of material instead of three, thus further reducing the weight and thickness. It’s about 0.7mm thick and weighs as low as 14g.

The magnets in the MagEZ Case 5 are “exposed”- you can see them but you don’t feel any bump when you touch them because they are attached using premium transparent glass fibers as thin as 0.1mm. Also, those magnets won’t tilt up or fall off when you bend our case, unlike those that use glue to stick magnets.

Introducing the Thinnest iPhone 15 Pro Case

The MagEZ Case 5 comes in three colors: Moonrise, Sunset, and Break the Line. Moonrise and Sunset cases both feature horizontal stripes, while the Break the Line has those yellow parallel sloping lines. They not only look great and function well.

Been through about 40 processes including vacuum-forming, painting and spraying, the iPhone 15 case boasts a 3D texture that’s non-slippery and comfortable to feel.

Strong magnets are applied to ensure enhanced MagSafe accessibility. Snap your phone onto any MagSafe accessory without removing the case to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Additionally, the PITAKA iPhone 15 case has built-in NFC chips. When you use your iPhone 15 to tap the logo on the case, a window will pop up on your phone where you can enter the serial number to verify the authenticity of the product. You can also directly access PitaStudio to download free wallpapers, games, music, etc.

With all those incredible functions packed in the case, we are still able to make the aramid fiber case ultra slim, letting you keep the original design and beauty of your iPhone 15 as much as possible. The buttons and the USB-C charging port are exposed. All in all, everything is made minimalist. We get rid of the unnecessary so you can enjoy more.

Need A More Protective iPhone 15 Case?

We understand that only some appreciate slim phone cases. Although protection has an element of luck to it, some people just don’t want to take any risk, and some aren’t good at taking good care of our devices. So we also offer the MagEZ Case Pro 4, a more protective case for the iPhone 15 lineup.

The MagEZ Case Pro 4 protects your iPhone 15 from the inside out. It’s made of aramid fiber and flexible TPU. The side buttons are covered. The raised camera lip protects the rear lens. And the interior soft lining cushions your iPhone 15 from the impacts and effects of drops and hard hits.

That said, the protective case is designed in a minimalist style as well. It measures only about 35g and is 1.65mm thick. Greater protection indeed means more bulk. But you probably don’t want to completely compromise on comfort in order to have ultimate protection. So, we try to create a protective iPhone 15 case while keeping it as light and thin as possible.

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