A Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry | 2022

5 min readMay 24, 2022

You wake up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast (or maybe not), and fill your pockets or bag with those same items you carried yesterday before you walk out the door.

Why do you choose those items? Are they all necessary? Have you ever wondered what other people put in their pockets?

Today, we’re going to talk about those items that fall into a category — everyday carry.

What is Everyday Carry (EDC)?

You would’ve probably heard about everyday carry or EDC, and you participate in it though you might not bother to think what it is.

As easy as the term implies, everyday carry is what you carry every day before you leave the house. But the exact gears everyone carries varies from person to person and from occasion to occasion. Some people go minimalist while some, survivalists, for instance, would take more than they would use in daily life to prepare for any emergency.

What are the Advantages of Everyday Carry?

Everything you carry has a purpose. Besides those common items, I usually put a hand sanitizer spray in my commute bag, so I could clean my hands as frequently as possible. That’s a habit formed during the COVID-19 era.

Generally speaking, everyday carry brings a wealth of benefits.

Get prepared: Carrying tools with you every day will not only prepare you for most of your day-to-day routine but also for unexpected occasions. Of course, you may not use some of the tools every day like your smartphone, but if you foresee that they’ll come in handy from time to time, then consider carrying them.

Save your time and money: Have you ever dug through your junk drawer or bag for a charging cable or a knife? Well, you don’t have to waste time searching for those tools if you carry them every day, meaning you’ll know where to find them and you’ll keep them where you can access the next day. Also, you don’t have to buy or borrow tools you already have. Sometimes, even if you want to buy one from a store, it might not be nearby.

Add style to your life: Like your clothes or makeup, everyday carry items go with you and might be seen by others. So why not use them to express yourself, to show your style? The phone and phone case you’re using, your car key, your lighter, etc. say something about your status, preferences, feelings, and so on.

Commonly Found EDC Essentials

No two men’s pockets are filled with the same thing. Everyday Carry is all about fitting your specific needs. Only you know what you need to pass the day. However, there are things that everyone tends to carry as we all live in modern society.

Phone: What’s the thing that you rely on so much that you won’t leave the house without it? The first thing that jumps to my mind, and I believe many people’s minds too, is the smartphone. We call, pay, take photos, and connect with the world, all through the slim plate we hold in our hands.

Power Bank: To make sure your phone doesn’t die halfway when you’re heading home, consider putting a portable power bank in your bag, especially if you use your device a lot. But remember to charge your power bank from time to time, in case it runs out of juice and you don’t know it until you plug it into your phone when you’re on the subway. If you’re looking for a power bank, take a look at the MagEZ Slider, an ergonomic MagSafe compatible power bank that you won’t forget to charge.

Wallet: Admittedly, wallets are not so popular nowadays with so many things digitized into the cloud and tied to our smartphones, but many people still rely on a wallet to keep their cards, cash, or even some valuable photos. The wallet protects what’s inside. But protection should not be the only thing you take into account. As discussed above, it can also serve as a symbol to tell people who you are. Therefore, go for a durable yet cool-looking wallet that will bring out the WOW effect when you take it out from your pocket to pay the check.

Multitool: Everyday Carry should be as portable as possible. Life could be heavy. So why carry the extra burden on your shoulder? That’s why a multitool is a brilliant idea, especially for those who want to carry multiple tools daily. Common multitools include scissors, knives, screwdrivers, bottle openers, etc. All tools tend to be small and light but still capable of doing their jobs, and they are integrated as one foldable tool to save space in your pocket.

Keychain: Before electronic locks and Apple’s Car Keys or similar tech become universal, most of us still rely on metal keys and keychains to keep them together. Unlike wallets or other EDC gear, it’s challenging to find keychains of unique designs. So people just hang kinds of ornaments on their keychains. But besides those fancy ornaments, you can hang something else, AirTag, for example.

Speaking of AirTag, various AirTag cases work like keychains. Today, we’ll show you some spectacular everyday carry gear integrated with an AirTag case.

EDC Essentials Integrated with AirTag

AirTag has become a new way to keep track of your stuff. But we realized that the purpose of AirTag should be finding those items that are hidden right nearby instead of things that are lost for sure. It’s those small items that we easily lose track of. And it’s hard to connect the AirTag to them.

So we redesigned some everyday carry items with AirTag holder for you to put your AirTag inside the EDC tool, making the most out of the Apple tracker while keeping your essentials at hand.

Pita!Tag for Multi-tool

Pita!Tag for Multi-tool is a well-designed minimalist everyday carry multi-tool that you will never lose. Thanks to the AirTag keychain design, you can effortlessly access the multi-tool wherever you go. A slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife come to hand to prepare for whatever the day throws at you.

Pita!Tag for Cable

Forgot to take or can’t find your charging cable? Not anymore. Attach the Pita!Tag for Cable to your suitcase, bag, or even keychain. When you need to charge your iPhone, you know where the MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable is. And put an AirTag in the case, then you can track the cable and other belongings.

By integrating the AirTag holder with everyday carry items, you can minimize your EDC setup and get the most out of your AirTag too.

What other everyday carry items do you think we should combine with an AirTag holder? Leave your comments below.

Originally published at https://www.ipitaka.com on May 24, 2022.