Why did you choose your current smartphone? For its excellent performance? Large internal storage or remarkably long battery life?

Color doesn’t seem to come out in front when choosing a phone. What you may not realize is that color can actually be the deciding factor that pushes you towards that purple iPhone 12 at the last minute.

What’s your favorite color? Have you ever wondered why you prefer that color over others?

Why Does Color Matter?

We not only see colors, but we feel them as well.

I recently watched a history program where scientists were studying ten-thousand-year-old Mesolithic footprints on a beach in Wales. Imagine if our carbon footprint was to last that long. Like a Terry Gillingham-style foot smashing down on the earth and leaving an indelible print still there ten millennia later.

Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t a new concept, and it’s much easier now for companies and individuals to save energy and erase some of the damage.

Firstly, What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and methane made every time we do something. These gases are then…

Yes, there are fixes to stop your phone, tablet, or laptop battery from draining fast. But not everyone wants to compromise. That’s why portable power banks or battery packs exist.

For those who are new to power banks or have difficulty deciding which kind to get, capacity is the first and foremost thing to consider because it determines how often you can charge your device.

Ever wondered what the best capacity for a power bank is?

What Do You Need to Know About Power Bank Capacity?

I once explained about the numbers printed on power banks. Capacity is one of those complicated technical terms. But the rule is simple: the…

Nowadays, so many of us have phone anxiety — we fear making or receiving calls, forgetting them in a taxi, and there’s the constant threat of dropping our phones.

People with fumble fingers know very well how scary those “heart attack moments” are. Even if you are good at keeping things, accidents happen.

Let’s look at how you can keep your phone free from harm.

Wait. You don’t think you need our tips?

Your Phone Might Be As Hard As Rock, But…

The iPhone 12 series boasts four times more drop-durability than previous models, thanks to the ceramic shield screen. Yes, the ceramic shield is the toughest GLASS to…

Apple has dedicated itself to protecting the planet for many years. In March 2021, the Cupertino company published a press release on the progress of its $4.7 billion Green Bond spend. Once again, Tim Cook urged people to fight climate change together for a greener future.

It’s impressive to see how far Apple has gone in delivering clean energy. However, Apple also received criticism about the work still needed on improving wireless charging energy consumption.

Is wireless charging really that much less efficient than wired charging?

Does Wireless Charging Use A Lot More Energy?

Yes, a wireless charger uses more power to completely charge a smartphone than a…

What is the best-selling smartwatch 2021?

The first quarter is not yet over, but I’d say Apple Watch if I had to hazard a guess.

Apple has remained the smartwatch market leader for years. In Q4 2020, its market share reached 40% globally, an increase of 6% YoY, according to Counterpoint. Growth is expected to continue in 2021, according to many analysts.

Why Do More and More People Wear an Apple Watch?

For millions of fans, it is an Apple Watch, rather than a smart-looking timepiece, that helps them lead a better lifestyle.

It is an excellent health-tracking and fitness tool. Sometimes it can even save your life. Stories about…

Our planet is a magnet. Its magnetic field not only affects birds’ migration patterns but also how we dream. The Earth’s magnetic field even dictates the direction a dog poops (yep, more on this later).

A Brief Magnetic History

The earliest record of magnets was in 600BC when Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus used the term ‘lodestone’, which refers to a naturally occurring magnet. However, according to Greek mythology, magnetism was first discovered around 4000 years ago by a shepherd named Magnes, whose shoe nail got stuck to a magnetite rock.

Following along the minimalist theme, here’s the quick guide to a minimalist iPhone:

  1. Delete apps you’re not using and organize the rest
  2. Get rid of jazzy wallpapers and go simple
  3. Minimalist icons
  4. Use a minimalist phone case
  5. Use your phone more thoughtfully

I’ll be completely frank, I don’t live my life as a minimalist — and while I wouldn’t put myself in the ‘hoarder’ category, I occasionally struggle to part with things, just in case they come in handy 10 years down the road.

Now you know about me, let’s discuss why we’re all here: because we appreciate the sleek…

Perhaps you just received your new iPhone, or you’ve owned it for a while. Whatever the case, do you remember the reason why you bought it?

Was it the thrill of a new model? For the status?

I only buy a new phone when the old one no longer works, and I’m not the only one.

It’s sad, but no matter how careful you are with your phone, the battery ages and eventually dies.

But when is it time to replace the battery or buy a brand new phone?

This guide will help you decide if your iPhone’s battery needs…

PITAKA isn’t the first to make carbon fiber watch bands, so how are these different from others?

We’ve seen many so-called ‘carbon fiber’ watch bands that are often just carbon fiber embossed leather or fabric. However, PITAKA’s Carbon Fiber Watch Band is made up of 100% solid carbon fiber links.

Go behind the scenes with us to see how this new product came to life!

A Carbon Fiber Watch Band? No Way!

Our R&D team decided it was time to make a watch band about a year ago. And, following PITAKA’s penchant for unique and innovative products, the watch band would be no exception.

Watchbands tend to…


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