20 Best iPad Pro Tricks and Tips to Improve Your Work Efficiency

1. Take screenshots on the iPad Pro

2. Turn off tip

3. Soft and force restart

4. Connect Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro

5. Boost your productivity with your Apple Pencil

6. Take advantage of the USB-C port on your iPad Pro

7. Quickly switch between apps

8. Organize your apps

9. Instantly do not disturb

10. Use Slide Over on iPad Pro

11. Use Split View on iPad Pro

12. Drag and drop between apps

13. Adjust the onscreen keyboard

14. Adjust backlight brightness of Magic Keyboard

15. Boost your trackpad’s power

16. Use trackpad gestures

17. Use the hidden trackpad to make some tasks easier

18. Sign a scanned document

19. Get accessories that improve your work efficiency

20. Add an Escape key



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